Ram ProMaster City Durability Features

One of the more popular cargo van and passenger wagons, the Ram ProMaster City has multiple durability features. The multiple safety features and extensive warranty provide peace of mind.

Due to the high-quality construction, the manufacturer is able to offer a great warranty program. Your vehicle is backed by a 36,000-mile, three-year basic limited warranty; 60,000-mile, 5-year gas powertrain limited warranty and 100,000-mile, 5-year rust-through limited warranty. Furthermore, this vehicle uses a reinforced body structure for added strength, along with seven airbags for protection during a collision. Active head restraints move forward during a rear crash, which reduces the possibility of whiplash. This car also contains crush zones. These are specific areas that deform and crumble during an accident, absorbing and distributing energy so that you stay safe.

Through a combination of well-designed safety features, the Ram ProMaster City keeps you secure, while the high-quality warranty helps protect you against unexpected incidents.



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